Evans Wolfenden Partnership

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Evans Wolfenden Partnership is a structural, civil and building engineering business that was established in 2002 by John Evans and Graham Wolfenden. Their online presence was minimal at best and still remains to be a work in progress. However, they approached us with the desire to relaunch their dating website and to run social media campaigns to facilitate new business.

We still have work to do in the form of the creation of bespoke digital PDFs that document their most successful projects and by running online B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. View their website here.

research & planning

Our firm identified that most small to medium sized businesses of EWP's nature used standard WordPress websites with a lack of bespoke media solutions, which lacked, in our opinion, an attractive, modern structure in which to display their engineering work. This typically resulted in a crowd of many where no one individual stood out. The goal of our on-going relationship with EWP is to enable their business to be that one individual that stands out from the rest.

design & development process

We took inspiration from Apple with a modern, clean, and what we believe to be attractive web design. After drafting some initial plans that the client was happy with, we integrated those into the Liquid templating engine provided by Jekyll. Further, we took our media team into their office to capture the culture of EWP and combined in-office footage with scenes of the surrounding area to create different digital media to act as a selling point for potential new employees and clients.

solution & result

The combination of our sleek design, bespoke media and aerial videography provide EWP with one of the most modern, attractive and successful structural engineering websites online to date. We will be carefully crafting digital case studies of their most successful projects and providing measurable marketing results as time elapses.

View their website here.

  • client evans wolfenden partnership
  • date 2018 - 2019
  • disciplines branding, photography, web development, videography
  • art direction oscar james
  • creative direction jon dilworth
  • photography jamie dreiling, oscar james
  • videography oscar james
  • development jon dilworth
  • user research jon dilworth