Branding Case Study: Groovers

Groovers was born as an underground club night in Edinburgh, UK.
Their journey fourrés into social media marketing
and ventures on with the occasional club event.


Groovers is a music-focused collective based in Edinburgh, UK. Currently managed by one of our creative freelancers, Oscar James, it has grown in the last two years from an underground, ‘rough around the edges’ club night, into a well known and respected local powerhouse of media and music.

All of Groovers bespoke media, promotional videos, photography, and graphics were (and continue to be) produced in house by Oscar James himself (whilst any other elements that may be required can be internally subcontracted, or externally passed on to someone within our network). This provides Groovers a creative edge over their competition and will help them achieve the rapid growth that they deserve.

02planning & execution

The inspiration for the Groovers brand comes from the the owners love of nightclub culture, the central message itsellf is: "It’s all about having a good time". Instead of going down the saturated path of serious, no frills ‘black & white’ branding like most club nights, Groovers strives to be a unique. This reflects in what we have produced for them, there are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions in this department, we work closely with our client to provide them the best solution possible for their requirements.

03results & plans for the future

Since our involvement (specifically, Oscar James) with Groovers, their social media reach has trippled. The nightclub events have been consistently busier and a more diverse set of venues have been booked, resulting in a larger audience reach. Groovers have also secured residencies in almost all of the top rated Edinburgh clubs and has become renowned in the city for their unique approach to marketing and promotion.

The future for TheyDoDigital and Groovers is based on exponential audience growth through the use of in-house Artificial Intelligence software. Up until this point, as a team, we've had a fairly limited amount of synergy. However, as our development team grows and the groundwork for TheyDoDigital is laid, Groovers is approaching a transformation. This change will mold Groovers nights primarily into charity events and lay the foundations for an advertising based Software as a Service. WATCH THIS SPACE.